Who we are

Mondstar Skills Academy assists athletes in transforming their raw talent into focused-driven skills. The Academy provides a safe and structured atmosphere for all athletes. Leading by example, we respect the diversity of all and encourage the pursuit of lifelong learning.  We positively motivate and empower each athlete to develop intellectually, emotionally and physically.  At Mondstar Skills Academy, we are using sports as a vehicle to teach athletes how to win in the game of life.

Our coaching and training philosophy uses sports specific methods to illustrate and teach the fundamentals of sports performance. We aspire to create a family type atmosphere where all athletes are valued culminating in the development of a positive self-image. Our program is designed to build strong intellectual leaders within and outside of competition. We strive to enforce the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and most of all character. We desire for all our athletes to train with a tenacious sense of passion while striving for constant elevation.

Motto: “For His Glory” (1Corinthians 10:31)

Program Goals/Initiatives:
1. Inspire all to become better students, athletes, and citizens.
2. Emphasize the importance of an active healthy lifestyle
3. Stress the importance of commitment, integrity, and work ethic.

Significance of the Mondstar Skills Academy colors:
Red symbolizes the passion, strength, and power
Gold symbolizes nobility, success, achievement, victory